Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Made Easy

Anytime an individual, couple, or family start looking for a house, home insurance is unlikely to rank as the top priority for those buying the home. However, mortgage lenders require your residence to be insured should a catastrophe occur. While insuring your property may not be the most pleasant part of buying your residence, there are ways to make this process less painful.

When it comes to a new purchase or just shopping your current policy. Instead of trying to buy a homeowner’s policy with a corporate powerhouse in another part of the US, choose to work with a KE Agency Florida-based Agency. Select a business that knows local conditions and is familiar with local requirements – a business that has your best interests in mind, and one that will take the time necessary to determine which policy truly fits you the best.
KE Insurance Agency takes pride in providing you with the personalized service you deserve.

At our agency, we know one buyer’s definition of a “home” can differ from another buyer’s, so we offer our clients coverage on:

  • Home Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Townhome Insurance
  • Rental Insurance
  • Mobile Home Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance

Since 1992, KE Insurance Agency, a Florida-based agency, has served the insurance needs of families from across the Sunshine State. Our Agency has the means to ensure you are getting the hometown service you would expect from a Florida-based agency.

Get Started today by letting us help you with your insurance needs!